Thursday, April 22, 2010

Being SMART in your Math Lessons by Adam Meador

Adam Meador
Principal Bingham Elementary School
Springfield, MO public schools

Objective: To learn more about the use of SMART technology in the mathematics classroom

First a video was shown "A Vision of K-12 Students Today"

Helpful websites
email Adam for more websites

We then watched a video on the old way of teaching math called "Ma and Pa Kettle Math"

He then talked about Notebook software in the math class

**set orientation up to 20 in the control panel

10.6 is the newest software - new math tools protractor, ruler, compass
the Math Download has a free 30-day trial (otherwise it is $129, but can use it on multiple computers)

Using the Pin Tool can help show different student math problems

Use the capture tool to get pictures, tables, etc. off of web pages to paste into the Notebook software - be careful of copyright

Use properties to set background

Floating tools can be used in other areas
Customize the tool bar by right-clicking on it - you can add what you want

Other handy tools:
Infinite cloner
My Content

I will be emailing Adam to get more information and posting it on here later.

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