Thursday, October 21, 2010

RTI Elementary Leadership training DAY 1 10/14/10 CONTINUED

Use probes every 6-8 weeks - CBM (curriculum-based measurement) it is rate-based
Daily Classroom Behavior Report Card - Paws rules chart to gain points/rewards
Shelley would like us to implement writing probe suggested at RTI training
Within the Teacher Guided Instruction is this acronym GROWIQ
G=gain attention R=Review O=Objective W=Why I=Input Q=Questioning
Telling the students the objectives will help to prime their brain to pay attention
Ticket out the door will help to assess knowledge by letting them know ahead of time what it is
What Will I Do Log EXAMPLE:
ex. punctuation4/15ex. Write sentences using correct punctuations

What do I do with students who do not respond to instructions?
-First determine if it is a skill deficit or it is a performance problem
-If it is skill deficit then teach them to look at a person, acknowledge, do the task immediately, check back if necessary, look say ok, do it right away!
TEACH INTELLIGENT BEHAVIORS (look smart, act smart) (kind of like reading mastery’s STAR)
S=sit N=nod A=act interested  P=participate P=prepare E=evaluate
PROMPTING - say something like “this is an instruction” or “get ready for an instruction” (like RM)
Use an auditory or visual SIGNAL to alert students of instruction
You/Me game (like RM Teacher/Student game)
- Make sure to give individuals with behavior problems EARNING POWERS
BEHAVIOR BINGO - similar to the cir the letters with POPCORN
Green card is a cheat sheet for this conference
** USE OPEN BODY positions (no cross-armed, hands-on-hips, and finger pointing)
6 steps to increase OTR (on-task response)
1. everybody get ready to say/tell
2. keep it a secret or signal by touching forward
3. whisper share oyour idea with your partner
4. when I pull your name, say your idea or your partner’s idea
5. have class repeat individual’s response
6. repeat the process until 100% participation
Choral responding - model it - use signal after you say “everybody get ready to tell me”
Participation board
Participation Buddies (clock buddies like Aubra uses)
COMMON ERRORS of participation
-Too few questions -dont say who can tell me... - dont tell the name of the student being called on until question is asked - No thinking time
What can I do about the students who disrupt my instruction?
Teach how to get teacher’s attention appropriately.
-look at the teacher - signal somehow - wait for acknowledgement - ask questions in a normal voice
Take digital pictures to show the expected behavior and what is NOT an expected behavior.

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